3 Reasons To Watch The Scariest Movie of 2021 - The Medium: Rang Zong



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3 Reasons To Watch The Scariest Movie of 2021 - The Medium: Rang Zong

By xweienx

If you've watched South Korean horror film "The Wailing", produced by Na Hong-Jin, and Thai horror piece "Shutter", directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun, then you might have some idea about what's coming up. "The Medium" is a brand new Thai-Korean co-produced supernatural horror film and it might just be the scariest film in 2021.

The film talks about a shaman living in the deep regions of Thailand, where they worship and serve as a medium to the goddess Ba Yan. However, things start to get a little sinister, and the possession might not be the goddess that they thought it was. At this point, you probably don't need more convincing, but here are still 3 reasons why you should watch the movie!

First off, the films (like the ones I mentioned at the beginning) that were created by the aforementioned people have received superb reception and can be considered classic and "must-watch" horror films around the world.

The opening box office in Korea was even higher than Marvel's Black Widow and in merely 4 days, they have already breakeven in terms of profit and achieved number 1 in Korea's horror genre rankings. We've heard that some patrons even wanted to escape the cinema during the possession scene!

Secondly, the movie's concept is considerably fresh as it revolves around a whole family of shamans that has served for many generations. The movie starts simple enough but slowly pulls you in and traps you into a world of fear, horror, and thrills.

To get the most authentic experience, the producers and directors consulted with more than 30 real life shamans and have taken their suggestions to provide details that can increase the "fear factor".


Lastly, and this might come off as crazy, but in order to get the purest, most raw reactions, there are no rehearsals! Even the directors on-site had no idea what would happen during filming. The fear and surprise you get from the actors and actresses are as real as it gets.

Besides that, the main character even loss plenty of weight to better fit the role and accepted training from choreographers of "The Wailing" and "Train to Busan". You could expect some "Exorcism" level body movements.

If you're a horror buff, it's not like you would need more convincing. It's time to drag your horror film buddies and scream together when this film makes it to Malaysia!

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