Customer Flees Hair Salon in Pavillion After Shocking RM890 Bill



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Customer Flees Hair Salon in Pavillion After Shocking RM890 Bill

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

In another surprising twist to hit-and-run incidents, a customer has reportedly made a hasty exit from a hair salon after being startled by an RM890 bill!

According to Malaysian media outlet Kosmo!, a young man is said to have undergone a haircut and hair care services valued at RM890 at a salon in a shopping centre in Bukit Bintang. Shockingly, he left the premises without settling the bill.

Facebook user Eddy Teller shared details of the incident in a post, stating that it occurred on November 13. He has since reported the matter to the Kuala Lumpur Police District headquarters and even posted CCTV footage, along with screenshots of text messages exchanged between the man and the salon owner.

"This man deceived my niece, spent RM890 on a haircut, and then ran away without paying. A police report has been filed with the Kuala Lumpur Police District headquarters. Anyone who knows this man, please ask him to come back, pay the fee, and issue an apology video," Eddy Teller wrote.

"No one should bear the cost of your haircut. If you want to be fashionable, do it honestly. If you don't have money, go to an affordable salon; don't run away after getting a haircut. This is not a good practice."

The post quickly gained traction on social media, with many expressing surprise and confusion over the high cost of the haircut.

One netizen, Faiz, commented, "Wow! What kind of haircut costs RM800? My B40 soul is starting to question life. Next time, inquire about the price before getting the service."

Healer added, "He definitely ran away! Because he must have been frightened by the salon's charges, thinking it would only be around RM200."

The incident serves as a reminder for customers to clarify service prices before availing themselves and to avoid resorting to dishonest means when faced with unexpected expenses.

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