Forget Vampires And Skeletons! These Halloween Costumes Are Fresh Out Of The Oven!



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Forget Vampires And Skeletons! These Halloween Costumes Are Fresh Out Of The Oven!

By xweienx

Halloween has come a long way. What was predominantly a western culture celebration has now expanded across the globe. All around the world, people are starting to celebrate this traditionally spooky celebration with parties and (more importantly) costumes. Even though the pandemic has mostly cancelled our partying and trick-or-treating plans, it did nothing to stifle the creativity and motivation of people to dress up. Here are some of the best and fresh costume ideas we had this Halloween:

Haiyahhhhh~ Halloween where can no have egg fly rice?
Uncle Roger by Evan Chen (@adorables)
Sexy Uncle Roger by Tuni Nguyen (@tuni.metropolife)
Uncle Roger and Auntie Hersha by Joby Lee (@holee_chow)

This one needs no introduction. TIME TO PAY RENT!
Kung Fu Hustle Landlord (@hirovstheworld) and Landlady (@lechefran__) by Francez Gabrielle Urmatan
Kung Fu Hustle Landlady by Token Veloso (@tknveloso)

Some are dressed up to save the world when the fire nation attacks!
The Last Airbender: Aang (@jeubilant) and Appa (@karacavachon) by Lauren Jeu

What else can be fresher than the LATEST released champion from your favorite game?
Seraphine from League of Legends by Riiyuukii San (IG: @Riiyuukii_cos, Twitter: @riiyuukii, Facebook: Riiyuukii Cosplay)

Blackpink's Lisa by Jason Kwan (@jasonkwanmusic)
Blackpink's Lisa by Mark Palisoc (@Ohmymarky)

Of course, we're not forgetting the kids and these kids are delicious!
Salmon Nigri Sushi and Soy Sauce by Jessica Tang (@diaryofave.kai)
Cup Noodles, Avocado and Siracha Sauce by Quynh Le (@Royal_Le_Morrison)

So, what did you dress up as this Halloween?

*All photos used with permission from owners. Cover photo from Riiyuukii (Left), Evan Chen (Center), Tuni Nguyen (Right)

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