WATCH: Nervous Driver Shocked When A Snake Emerged From Hood Of The Car While Driving On The Road



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WATCH: Nervous Driver Shocked When A Snake Emerged From Hood Of The Car While Driving On The Road

By JustineG

Imagine you're driving on the highway, enjoying the music playing on the radio when suddenly, a snake appears on the hood of your car. You'd undoubtedly be flustered in such a situation, especially if the creature happens to be a snake, adept at slithering into tight spaces. 

A similar nerve-wracking situation occurred for a husband and wife as they were driving home. Their journey took an anxious turn when a snake unexpectedly emerged from underneath their car and made its way up the car windshield.

Despite the car being in motion, the snake remained on the windshield for quite some time before attempting to escape into the roadside grass.

Fortunately, the couple drove to the fire station in Cyberjaya for assistance, where the snake was safely rescued by the on-duty personnel. 

The couple's video garnered significant attention from netizens, eliciting various reactions. Some found the situation somewhat amusing, jokingly suggesting that they should surrender the car to the snake and use Grab to get home.

However, others expressed concern at the sight of the snake on the moving vehicle and wondered why didn't they stop the car there and then when they first saw it.

Simultaneously, netizens praised the couple for swiftly finding a solution by heading to the nearby fire station to safely remove the snake.

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