Did You Know That Women's Chopped Hair On The Floor Is Still Considered 'Aurat'?



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Did You Know That Women's Chopped Hair On The Floor Is Still Considered 'Aurat'?

By JustineG

For those unfamiliar, a woman who cuts her hair, whether at a salon or at home, is obligated to bury the hair to prevent it from being touched by unrelated men (those not permissible for marriage). This is because, according to a post shared on the Federal Territories Mufti's Office (PMWP) Facebook page, a woman's hair is considered part of the "aurat" and it is forbidden for it to be touched or held by such individuals.

"The hair of an 'ajnabi' woman (unrelated or not permissible for marriage) is considered 'aurat,' whether it is still attached to the body or has been cut. Therefore, it is forbidden to touch the 'aurat' of a woman whose hair has been cut, and it is also obligatory to bury it," stated the post.


This guidance was provided in response to a question from a male janitor who accidentally touched fallen hair, believed to belong to a woman, in front of a Muslimah hair salon. According to Sheikh Zainuddin al-Malibari, as stated by PMWP, all parts of an 'ajnabi' woman that are forbidden to be seen are also forbidden to be touched without a barrier, as touching them is more enticing.

"Thus, it is also forbidden to touch the face of an 'ajnabi' woman absolutely, even if it is permissible to see it. Not only that, separated body parts are also forbidden to be touched, such as nail clippings, or hair from a woman. These body parts must also be buried," he emphasized.

PMWP clarified that even though certain 'aurat' can be exposed, touching them is still prohibited. "Even cut hair is considered 'aurat' that cannot be touched by unrelated men," he stated unequivocally.

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