"She Disgraced Malaysia!" AirAsia Staff Allegedly Calls Chinese Passenger 'Bodoh'



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"She Disgraced Malaysia!" AirAsia Staff Allegedly Calls Chinese Passenger 'Bodoh'


A Chinese female blogger residing in Malaysia recently uploaded a video on the social media platform TikTok, claiming that an AirAsia staff member called her "Bodoh" (foolish) when she sought assistance at the airport.

In the video, she recounted that while processing check-in procedures at the airport, she encountered difficulties due to a malfunction in the self-service ticket machine, along with a few other passengers who were facing the same issue. Consequently, she sought assistance from the AirAsia staff member but unexpectedly faced harsh words from them.

She explained that she attempted to use three different self-service ticket kiosks without success. After finding a staff member, she was asked to provide sufficient evidence of the error, prompting her to return to the machine to take evidence photos before showing them to the staff.


"However, the staff impatiently demanded that I try again in a place with a better internet connection. If unsuccessful, we would have to pay RM30 per person to proceed at the manual counter."

The blogger revealed her confusion over this procedure, as she travels back to China every month. However, since it was the staff's instruction, she complied. Yet, when she further inquired about the procedure, she overheard the staff uttering "Bodoh"?

"Unexpectedly, I understood what they said. This surprised me. I questioned how they could be so rude, calling me 'Bodoh,' but they retorted, 'Do you want to proceed with check-in or not?'"


The blogger expressed great dissatisfaction and anger over the incident, emphasizing that her anger stemmed not from being insulted but from concerns over the incident. As a foreigner arriving in Malaysia for the first time, she felt these actions "ruined" Malaysia.

She further pointed out, "For those without language skills or whose family members are insulted in such a manner, how would they feel? Is it justified to be insulted just because one cannot operate a machine?"

Nevertheless, she believed Malaysia to be the most inclusive country and hoped that individuals wouldn't judge an entire nation based on a single incident or trivial matter. Even though the aforementioned incident occurred, it merely represents the individual's behaviour.

Following the circulation of the video on TikTok, it sparked discussions among numerous netizens, with many Malaysian netizens commenting that they had encountered this staff member, and her attitude was indeed unpleasant.

Simultaneously, some netizens suggested that the blogger email AirAsia to demand strict punishment for the staff member.


Furthermore, many netizens assisted in tagging AirAsia, urging them to monitor their employees properly and not to tarnish Malaysia's reputation. Additionally, many netizens also tagged the Minister of Transport, Loke Siew Fook, and the Minister of Tourism, Dato' Sri Nancy Shukri.

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