Instagrammable Yet Super Easy & Highly Nutritious Snacks To Make At Home



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Instagrammable Yet Super Easy & Highly Nutritious Snacks To Make At Home

By MJC97

Who doesn't like snacks? I know I do! But we all know that most of the time snacks are a guilty pleasure with really unhealthy ingredients. Finding the right ingredients to make a homemade snack not only healthy but also tasty can be a very gruelling task. 


Well, I've got a solution for you! NH NutriGrain Plus!


Yes, it is a healthy beverage, but it could be turned into an amazingly healthy ingredient for your deliciously healthy snack!  

For those unfamiliar with what NH Nutri Grains is, it is a delicious drink made from 20 nutrient-rich grains including:

- brown rice

- soya beans

- mung beans

- green peas


NH NutriGrains Plus comes in two flavours:-

- beetroot: which is a great source of fibre and it gives your drink a pretty pink colour

- sweet potato: which is rich in vitamins and gives your drink a pastel purple aesthetic tint


Also, the NH NutriGrains Plus brand new enhanced formulation that replaces dairy creamer with coconut oil powder to help optimize digestion, provide energy and burn fat.  

Besides that, they also contain Vitamin B12 and MCTs.

- Vitamin B12 : keeps your blood and nerve cells healthy while also helping to make DNA, the genetic material in all of your cells.

- MCTs : a good energy source that promotes weight loss, reduces risk factors for heart disease and also helps manage blood sugar levels.

If you would prefer to get creative with the NH Nutri Grains Plus, here are 5 simple snack recipes using NH Nutri Grains Plus that look so pretty and taste so good:

#1 Crispy Avocado Beet Tacos | Full Recipe


#2 Pink Polo Buns | Full Recipe

#3 Purple Sweet Potato Onde Onde | Full Recipe


#4 Penguin Ice Box Cookies | Full Recipe


#5 Sweet Potato Coconut Chia Seed Pudding | Full Recipe

Besides these 5 recipes, click on this link to look at all the 15 recipes you can try making with NH Nutri Grains Plus. Enjoy the benefits of NH Nutri Grains Plus with an option you like.

Purchase NH Nutri Grains Plus at your nearest Watsons or do it from it comfort of your own home by visiting Watsons online store at:

Get RM5 off when you spend a minimum of RM80 on any NH products with the e-voucher and promo code below:

Still can't make up your mind about NH Nutri Grains? Here's what Malaysians have to say after trying it:

INSTAGRAMMABLE Highly Nutritious Snack Easy Nutritious Snack Nutritious Snack


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