Using WhatsApp To Insult People At Work? You Can Now Get Fired!



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Using WhatsApp To Insult People At Work? You Can Now Get Fired!

By DN21

Surely a lot of us have been guilty of petty backbiting or mocking behind our employer or colleagues’ backs.

The sense of dissatisfaction or wrath one incurred at workplace doesn’t just stay a secret. At times, that particular situation has often led to countless rants in the form of WhatsApp text messages.  

Of course, one would think that is the only possible route to relay the insults. That is until, the German Federal Labour Court has now decided that the act must come to an end.

A recent case in the country came to light following the dismissal of an airline employee, who was caught insulting his employer via a private WhatsApp group. The conversation was eventually leaked by one of the chat members.

Following the exposure, the court noted that such communication is considered an offence once let out to the public, and companies have the right to fire those involved.

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