Cracking the Code: Khairul Aming Shares Tips To Score Your Coldplay Tickets



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Cracking the Code: Khairul Aming Shares Tips To Score Your Coldplay Tickets

By JustineG

It's undeniable that countless Coldplay fans in Malaysia are eagerly vying for tickets to their highly anticipated first concert in the country.

However, regardless of whether you joined the queue early or not, there's a chance you missed out on purchasing the tickets during the pre-sale that took place yesterday.

Khairul Aming took to Twitter to share a valuable tip on how he managed to secure his tickets.

He explained the technique of continuously clicking on the seating map, even if it appeared as "sold out."

According to him, spending at least 5 minutes doing so increases the chances of finding an available seat.

The online chef proudly claimed that he successfully obtained 2 Cat 3 tickets during lunchtime.

In a previous thread, he shared how he secured 4 standing tickets for the concert, even going as far as waiting in the online queue while in the bathroom.

Fans playfully asked him if he had any tips for acquiring his popular Sambal Nyet, which consistently sells out immediately after restocking.

Some fans shared how they applied the same clicking strategy on Shopee, but instead of concert tickets, it was for his sambal.

Other Coldplay fans confirmed that the tip worked for them, and they were able to purchase their tickets.

For those unfamiliar, it's worth noting that even if it shows a particular ticket zone as "sold out," it may be due to other users who have not completed their payments. Essentially, the website temporarily holds their spot until the payment is secured.

Consequently, if someone takes too long to make the payment, their temporary confirmation might be released, allowing others to proceed with their purchase instead.

With the general sale currently underway, how is it going for all of you?

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