Woman Calls Out Stranger For Picking Up Her Toddler Without Consent



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Woman Calls Out Stranger For Picking Up Her Toddler Without Consent

By DN21

Stranger danger alert! Fortunately for this shocking incident, the parents were able to fend off their toddler from getting in harm’s way. 

As shared by this TikTok user, a stranger had suddenly approached her toddler and picked her up without consent, right in front of her eyes. 

She noted that she was taken aback by the act, considering the stranger’s intention wasn’t made known to anyone. 

Even worse, the latter then simply took off without attempting to apologize to the parents.

Many viewers in the comments section shared that they’ve encountered a similar incident, and called out some strangers for having the nerve to touch children without any consent. 

In this day and age especially, there are way too many safety issues involving little ones in public areas. Hence, it’s best to always be alert of your surrounding.



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