Thinking Of Dyeing Your Hair At Home? Read This First.



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Thinking Of Dyeing Your Hair At Home? Read This First.

By Ayunie

Yes, dyeing your own hair is pretty exciting, but not when it ends up ruining your whole look. To prevent that from ever happening, please read through these tips first especially if you don‘t want to look like Cruella De Vil’s long-lost sister. 

#1 DON'T Skip Strand Test

(source: Rahetbally)

Many people skip this crucial step when dying their hair, and then they wonder why their hair colour did not turn out the way they expected it to be. You can easily prevent this by doing a strand test. The test allows you to see how the box dye actually turns out on your hair. 

Just dye a portion of your hair that's usually hidden first and see how it actually looks. If you like the colour turnout, you may proceed. 

#2 No Crazy Colours, Please

(source: Pony Makeup)

Yes, I know it's very tempted to experiment with crazy colors, but to make extreme changes to your hair at home is highly discouraged, if you don't want to end up regretting it. Also, please refrain from bleaching your hair at home. You could potentially fry and damage your hair and it is often irreversible. 

#3 Use a Hair-Dryer
(source: All Things Hair Mexico)

About 5-10 minutes before washing off all that hair-dye, here's one trick to make the color stands out even more. 

Use your hair-dryer and point it to your roots for a brighter color payoff, especially if you're dyeing your hair lighter than your natural hair color. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

#4 Don't Wash Your Hair

(source: Insider)

It's better to dye your hair when it's unwashed because all the oils will absorb the hair color better. Dirty hair makes the color pop, basically. 

#5 Post-Dye Hair Care

(source: Pinterest)

Your hair will inevitably get dry after dyeing your hair, unfortunately. To keep your hair looking silky, make it a routine to apply hair mask and deep condition your hair at least once a week. The easiest way to do this is to lather your hair in oil (argan oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, etc) the night before you wash your hair. Leaving the oil overnight is the key to having silky smooth hair, even when you've done so much damage to it. 

There are so many other tips out there when it comes to dyeing your hair the correct way, but these are the basics. If you follow them properly, chances of you ruining your hair will be rather slim. 

Remember, dye responsibly!

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