Stretching Before Bed Will Be the Best Thing You Do Yet



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Stretching Before Bed Will Be the Best Thing You Do Yet

By ellephant

What is life? Life is sleep, and inversely, sleep is life.  

But is there a way to only make sleep better? Affirmative. One of the many ways, which many don't know about, is stretching before hitting the sack. 

When you stretch before bed, it not only releases the tensions your muscles hold, but it also increases blood flow, lowering the chances of any ache you may develop the next day.

With that in mind, here are 8 stretches you should practice before a good night's rest. 

#1 Bear Hug  

#2 Neck Stretch  

#3 Kneeling Lat Stretch  

#4 Child's Pose  

#5 Low Lunge  

#6 Seated Forward Bend  

#7 Legs Up the Wall  

#8 Reclining Bound Angle  

With these 8 easy stretches before bed, you will be sleeping as well as a baby in no time at all! 

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