SHOCKING: "Hi, You DTF?" Married Teacher Exposed For Asking Random Women For Sex & Sending Nudes To Them



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SHOCKING: "Hi, You DTF?" Married Teacher Exposed For Asking Random Women For Sex & Sending Nudes To Them

By JustineG

It's disheartening to see that, despite hoping to leave instances of assault and predators behind in 2023, several women have encountered a predator. This individual, identified as a married teacher, has been sending them inappropriate sexual comments.

One of his victims, a local businesswoman, exposed the man on Twitter after receiving numerous sexually inappropriate DMs from him. The man, despite being married and employed as a teacher, audaciously continues to send such messages to random women.

In the case of the OP, not only did he make inappropriate comments, but he also "advised" her to wear makeup, suggesting she looked pale without it. After going viral, more women shared their stories of sexual harassment, recounting instances where the perpetrator sent nude videos or pictures of himself.

Additionally, a netizen revealed disturbing content on his X account, including tweets about gory gunshot wounds and sexual content. He also brazenly asked random women if they were interested in intimate encounters, accompanying the query with explicit videos or images of himself.

One victim attempted to inform the man's wife about his indecent behaviour, but the wife responded by accusing the victim of falsehoods, labelling her as a troublemaker. Frustrated, the OP decided not to reach out to the wife further, emphasizing that naive women might wrongfully blame others for their husband's actions.

The Twitter community delved into the man's background, discovering that he works as a warden in a boarding school in Taiping, raising concerns about the safety of the students under his care.

Netizens urged victims to file complaints with Biro Pengaduan Awam, Kementerian Pendidikan, and SISPA to take appropriate action. As these tweets gained traction, the perpetrator reached out to the OP, requesting the removal of the tweets and apologizing for his behaviour, promising it wouldn't happen again. 

However, many netizens insisted that the tweets remain to ensure accountability for his actions.

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