Wife Hooks Up With Men All Day Long, But Husband Is Reluctant To Let His Wife Go, Saying “We Have Only Been Married For A Few Months!”



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Wife Hooks Up With Men All Day Long, But Husband Is Reluctant To Let His Wife Go, Saying “We Have Only Been Married For A Few Months!”

By storyteller24

ICYMI: Cheating Husband Was Beaten Up & His BMW Smashed By His Wife When She Found Out!

It is really difficult to tame a wild horse... It can be said that he suffered from his stubbornness. 

On May 17, 2024, a Malaysian man named Roy posted a post on the Facebook page of 988 Radio DJ Chen Feng , expressing his emotional distress.

Roy pointed out that he checked his wife's mobile phone a few days ago and found messages about her chatting with more than 20 male friends. In addition, Roy also unexpectedly discovered that on the day he was celebrating his wife's birthday, another man invited his wife to go out for drinks and rent a hotel room, and she accepted the invitation directly.

Roy, who didn't know whether the two played "poker" in the end, was very troubled by this because he and his wife had been living apart from each other for a long time and it was difficult to find out how the other was doing.

Recalling his wife's ridiculous private life in the past, Roy said that what bothered him most was that his wife once slept with an agent.

The agent also showed off his deeds to the public in an inappropriate manner, but his wife did nothing and instead kept in contact with him. In this regard, Roy emphasized that the above-mentioned incidents all occurred before marriage, but in order to put an end to his wife's "bad habits" of messing around after marriage, he has permanently deleted her dating software.

However, he still felt sad that his wife did not establish a married persona and instead posted sexy photos to attract people.

Regarding the fact that Roy discovered his wife's true identity as a queen, but still chose to get married and suffer the consequences, a large number of netizens ridiculed that his "pattern" is really big, and believed that blind tolerance and love are not the correct answer to this abnormal marriage.

What do you think of this incident? Let us know!

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