So What Do You Get For Winning an Olympic Medal in Malaysia?



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So What Do You Get For Winning an Olympic Medal in Malaysia?


I dare to say, that at least half of the nation were sitting in front of their devices, watching the exhilarating game between Malaysian pair, Aaron Chia and Wooi Yik, against the Indonesian pair! Malaysia started strong this year in the badminton category with Lee Zii Jia and Aaron-Wooi Yik. But slowly, the excitement starts fading away as Zii Jia lost in his earlier game and Aaron-Wooi Yik lost in the Semi-Final game. However, today's game is definitely a roller coaster ride that finishes with great hype!

What a game from Aaron-Wooi Yik and huge huge round of applause to them for winning Bronze against the Indonesian pair who was ranked 2nd in the world! (Mind that Aaron-Wooi Yik are not seated and this is their first Olympic)

So, what is the prize for winning this medal means? And what if they win silver or gold? Let's find out :  

Bronze Medal : RM100k + lifetime monthly "salary" of RM2k

Silver Medal : RM300k + lifetime monthly "salary" of RM3k

Gold Medal : RM 1 mil.  + lifetime monthly "salary" of RM5k

That's not it! State governments and many corporations may jump on board as well. And, our fellow country leaders and politicians will be contributing as well. For example, the Health DG is providing FREE RTK Antigen test on arrival; from our PM Muhyiddin, a FREE Covid-19 2 weeks stay in 5 stars hotel. 

In last RIO 2016 Olympic, our ex-PM Najib Razak gave an additional RM 200k bonus to silver and bronze winner. Wonder what other bonuses Aaron and Wooi Yik might get this year.  

Again, congratulations to our Men's double team, looked forward to see you both in action again! And to other athletes that will be competing in the following days, I'm praying hard for you guys! Fighting!

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