Pizza Hut Is Selling Snake Meat Pizza Until Nov. 22



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Pizza Hut Is Selling Snake Meat Pizza Until Nov. 22

By storyteller24

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Pizza Hut Hong Kong has teamed up with century-old snake soup restaurant Ser Wong Fun to serve snake pizza.

The nine-inch pizza contains shredded snake meat, black mushrooms, and Chinese dried ham – ingredients used in the snake soup dish consumed by many, particularly this time of the year.

Instead of tomato or cheese sauce, the pizza is slathered with a broth that is not too runny or thick, according to South China Morning Post.

The fusion dish is selling in Hong Kong for HKD186 and is available from Nov. 2 until Nov. 22.

Snake stew or soup is a delicacy among diners in Hong Kong and southern China, especially during winter.

Snake is considered a yang ingredient, thought to combat the cooling yin energy, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is believed to warm the body from inside out, and improve blood circulation.

The Cantonese believe the best time to eat snakes is in autumn as the reptiles have fattened up to prepare for hibernation.

Ser Wong Funs expertise lies in preparing a mixed snake recipe from the breeds of Chinese rat snakes, banded kraits, and white banded snakes, CNN reported.

Karen Chan, general manager of Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Macao, said the company relied on the traditional snake soup restaurant to create the pizza recipe.

Ser Wong Fun is in Central Hong Kong and dates back to 1895.

Currently, fourth-generation owners run the place.

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