"Disappointing!" Influencer Gatita Yan Loses RM50,000 After Getting Scammed By Local Maid Agencies Who Gave Empty Promises



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"Disappointing!" Influencer Gatita Yan Loses RM50,000 After Getting Scammed By Local Maid Agencies Who Gave Empty Promises

By Ayunie

Malaysian influencer Gatita Yan recently shared a challenging experience on her Instagram story regarding her attempts to hire maids, which cost her a staggering RM 50,000 for additional assistance.

According to her, the first agent she engaged turned out to be a "scam" as they failed to respond to her requests even after two months. Gatita purportedly lost RM 20,000 in this incident after being deceived by the initial agent she hired to facilitate the maid recruitment process.


Frustrated by the lack of response and results, Gatita sought another agent recommended by a close friend. Although this time seemed promising initially, with the agent being effective and cooperative, the relief was short-lived.

"Three months later, the maid ran away," Gatita disclosed. In a slightly jocular tone, the influencer remarked, "If she runs off, they can replace you with a new maid immediately," highlighting the irony of the situation when the maid indeed fled eventually.

Admitting her lack of experience in dealing with maid hiring agencies, Gatita expressed her disappointment in realizing that her friend's recommendation wasn't as reliable as expected.

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Is getting an honest maid really that difficult in Malaysia? Comment below. 

Source: The Sun Daily

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