KLCC Karen Says Freedom of Choice, Netizens Rage



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KLCC Karen Says Freedom of Choice, Netizens Rage

By ellephant

After a week of having 'KLCC Karen' throw a fit about not using a mask before entering a store, she has since been criticized by Malaysians, hunted down by the MOH and fined a total of RM3,000, for not following government regulated SOPs. 

Read here and here

Then two days ago (Nov 6th), shared on @117%WeThePeople's twitter page, Kerry (her actual name) breaks her silence on the matter, via a 2-minute long video, addressing freedom of choice, awareness, unity, peace and love (huh?). 

Angry, confused and calling out white privilege, her explanation only further gave netizens more cause to be pissed. 

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