Netflix's Newest Pricing Of Their Basic Plan Is Now RM28 Per Month



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Netflix's Newest Pricing Of Their Basic Plan Is Now RM28 Per Month

By JustineG

Netflix announced that the Basic plan will now cost RM28 per month instead of the previous RM35 per month.

The "over-the-top" streaming platform reportedly stated that its objective is to deliver a wide range of high-quality movies and television series that have been carefully curated for users.

The new pricing for the Basic plan will be available to new subscribers as of right now.

Additionally, updates will be made to existing customers in the coming weeks for the next billing cycle.

Existing customers will be notified via email and the exact time will depend on the member's specific billing cycle.

Given that the Basic plan's pricing was originally set at a higher rate of RM33 when Netflix first made its debut in Malaysia in 2016, the monthly subscription fee is now the lowest ever provided for the category.

In case you didn't know, Netflix also upgraded the output resolution for Basic plan subscribers to 720p HD in November, up from 480p SD since the platform's debut in the country.

On another hand, the RM17 Mobile plan, which offers SD 480p viewing resolution, is an option for those of you who simply wish to watch on your phone or tablet and are seeking a more affordable plan.,1937,x0,y50,safe&width=960

No price adjustments have been made for those who are subscribed to the Standard or Premium plans. It is still RM45 for Standard and RM55 for Premium.

In in addition to allowing simultaneous watching on multiple devices (two simultaneously in Standard and four simultaneously in Premium), it also supports higher viewing resolutions, including FHD 1080p in Standard and 4K+HDR in Premium.

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