#practicesafesex Am I Wearing The Right-Sized Condom? Here Are The Signs To Check



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#practicesafesex Am I Wearing The Right-Sized Condom? Here Are The Signs To Check

By ellephant

Let's be honest, we're all having sex. 

That being said, the least we can do is practice safe sex. This way there are no unwanted pregnancies or STDs which come our way. 

So, with regards to safe sex, have you ever had the encounter or know someone who has had trouble with condoms?

They have said:


1. The condoms make me feel uncomfortable

2. The condoms feel very tight

3. The condoms make me feel numb

4. I can't feel my d*ck when I use condoms

Should any of these scenarios played out in the past, then there could be one pretty big reason. 

He's wearing the wrong size...


How do you know if this is true. Well, let's make a checklist shall we?

- The condom doesn't reach the base

- The condom doesn't leave room for the reservoir at the tip

- There's excessive rolled condom at the base

- It slips off

- It breaks

- It's uncomfortably tight

- You have decreased sensation

There is a condom for you!


Should any of those be happening, then it may be time to consider something, either smaller, larger, bigger/smaller girth, or a different thickness depending on the problem you're facing. 

Condoms don't feel the best, but one can make do and ensure that sex feels good and is safe. 

It is like trying on a pair of jeans which matches your preference. You may have to trial and error for a bit, but eventually, trust us, you'll get there. 

Here's how you measure:


To figure out which size condom is for you, measure the width and length of your erect penis.

Length: Hold one side of a ruler or tape measure on your pubic bone (the forward-facing bone in the center of your pelvis) and measure to the tip.

Width (girth): Use a piece of string or a soft measuring tape. Gently wrap it around the thickest part. Measure the length of the string or tape measure.


Then, once you get your measurements, head on over to the nearest pharmacy/convenience store and get the correct condoms! Easy peasy ;)

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