Netizen Claims That Fish In Sabah Are Soaked In Red Dye To Look Fresh



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Netizen Claims That Fish In Sabah Are Soaked In Red Dye To Look Fresh

By MJC97

In some night markets in Kota Kinabalu, there are suspicions emerging regarding the practice of fishmongers using dye to make their fish appear fresher than they actually are.

According to reports from online news outlet Info X, photographs shared on Facebook purportedly captured this practice, with the photographer claiming the images were taken at the Inanam Night Market.

A cautionary message accompanying the shared photos warned potential buyers to be wary of dishonest fishmongers who might use colouring agents to enhance the appearance of their fish, making them seem fresher than they truly are.

The report suggests that these fishmongers often use red dye to color the fish, particularly species like the bigeye or commonly known as "Uji Rashid" red-bodied fish.  

One photo in particular shows a man pouring red dye into a polystyrene container filled with fish, presumably to give them a more vibrant appearance.

Many netizens commenting on the post expressed their concerns, with the majority urging authorities to investigate and put a stop to this practice. There is a genuine fear among consumers that purchasing and consuming "dyed fish" could pose health risks.

Furthermore, there are claims from some netizens alleging that similar practices are not limited to night markets but are also observed in the fish section of the central market in Kota Kinabalu.

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