Is Ex-DOLLA Member Syasya Pregnant? Fans Speculate



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Is Ex-DOLLA Member Syasya Pregnant? Fans Speculate

3 Days ago
By peachyunnie

Is that a baby bump we see? 

Buzz happening mostly on TikTok, videos of Syasya Rizal in a blue wedding gown during her public wedding reception, sparks a conversation among netizens and fans, wondering if she is pregnant!
@f8buzz Haih sweetnya Syasya nyanyikan lagu Surat Cinta Untuk Starla bersama suami tercinta, Nas. Kita yang tengok ni pulak rasa syendu #f8buzzhiburan #sembangentertainment #syasya #naskhahcintauntuksyasya #syasyaxnas original sound - F8Buzz
Currently playing the guessing game in the comments of recent videos posted of the ex-DOLLA member, many are questioning on the timeline of her pregnancy too.

Syasya's nikah took place in April this year and her reception, less than two months later on the 8th of June.  
Here are what some of her fans are saying:  
Though, there are some still questioning how far long she is in her pregnancy (if she actually is), all in all, many of her fans are wishing her well.  

There may be many theories, however, it will remain a mystery till the couple is comfortable enough to go public with it.

Ergo for now, congratulations to the happy, newly weds!

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