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Big Volumes, Worth The Money, & Positively Reviewed only! BEAUTYSTALL Shampoo Series.

xweienx   |   Dec 1, 2020, 21:44   |   42

The hair is the crown of the body. A head of healthy hair is as important to us as a shiny crown is to a king or queen. It also greatly improves your external beauty. Because of the pandemic, many of us have been unable to just simply drop by a saloon or get our hair done, and its a even bigger headache for those with dyed hair. Hence, we would like to recommend some shampoos that are definitely a bang for the buck! 

Just a little side note that this is not a sponsored article. We just happen to be impressed by the products sold by this shop. For those who are looking to get some new hair products, this might help with your decision!

EVAS PEDISON Institut-beauté Protein Hair Shampoo - Mango

This brand of shampoo comes from Korea. The gigantic volume is the primary reason most people buy it as a "family pack" product. A 2000 ml capacity means it could be used for a long time, so you can count up the savings you get from not having to buy shampoo for the rest of the year. The mango aroma feels naturally refreshing and leaves a great impression after use.

Suitable for: Frizzy hair, tangle-prone hair, hard to fluff hair

Effects: Moisturize and smoothens hair

Capacity: 2000 ml

Price" RM 75

EVAS PEDISON Institut-beauté Protein Hair Shampoo 2000ml - Propolis

This shampoo is similar to the one before and comes from the same brand as well. They have the same capacity and price, but different aromas and functions. This one contains natural propolis and protein to help repair and nurture extremely damaged hair. The propolis forms a protective film layer on split and broken hair strands, allowing for shinier, healthier hair. The subtle scent of honey given off by the shampoo is also quite refreshing.

Suitable for: Damaged hair, frizzy hair, split hair.

Effects: Repair damaged hair and provides nutrients to the scalp.

Capacity: 2000 ml

Price" RM 75

EVAS Char Char Argan Oil Shampoo

Yet another great product from the land of Korea, the primary ingredient of this shampoo comes from Moroccan Argan trees which allows it to deeply penetrate the hair and give it radiance. Besides that, it also contains marine collagen to give the hair elasticity and nutrition, making it healthier. If you can't already tell, the shampoo is organic, which is a primary decider for many people these days. It comes in generous amounts, making it also suitable to be shared by the whole family.

Suitable for: Frizzy hair, tangle-prone hair.

Effects: Protects the hair, improves the scalp, strengthens roots.

Capacity: 1500 ml

Price: RM 45

Grafen Root Booster Shampoo

GRAFEN's shampoo is a neutral low acidic (ph5.5) shampoo. The 22 different amino acids helps improve the health of hair growth and scalp. It is a mixture of Camelia seed oil and Olive oil, which helps nourish and protect the hair from external pollutants.

Suitable for: Thinner hair, hair loss, itchy scalps.

Effects: Reduce hair loss, calm and nourishes the scalp.

Capacity: 500 ml

Price: RM 65


Once again, our editors compiled this list to make it easier for everyone to select the right shampoo for them, especially if you are having scalp or hair problems. They are not sponsored articles in any way.

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