June 21st Is International Yoga Day! See If You Can Pull Off These EXTREMELY TRICKY Poses



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June 21st Is International Yoga Day! See If You Can Pull Off These EXTREMELY TRICKY Poses

By ellephant

Since 2015, the 21st of June has been marked a day to globally celebrate Yoga by the United Nations. 

A practice of mind, body and spirit first established in India, we figured what better way to join in on the fun, then list down some of the more difficult poses to try out as means to celebrate. 

Check them out and give it a go!

#1 Wide Leg Forward Fold Pose 


#2 Front Extended Pose


#3 Side Stretch Pose


#4 Seateed Angle Pose


#5 Plow Pose


Happy International Yoga Day. 

Did you get a 5 out of 5? If not, you've got a whole year to keep practicing!

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