Cafe Serves Scouring Sponge And Detergent As An April Fool's Joke



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Cafe Serves Scouring Sponge And Detergent As An April Fool's Joke


No joke! A cafe in Sarawak serves dishwashing-used scouring sponges and detergents to their customers!

In line with April Fool's day, KANTIN at The Granary in Kuching has created a special dessert to fool their customers - a scouring sponge and dishwashing detergent and people are very happy with eating this "sponge" and drinking the "soap".
Well, not really a scouring sponge la~ It is actually a lemon butter cake, made to look like a scouring sponge. The cake comes with a greenish sauce that is edible too, as well as the bubbles.
The waiters also wore a pair of yellow gloves, those that we used in washing dishing when serving the dessert together with a bottle of Sunlight detergent. According to the video posted by Sarawak Eye, one waitress explained that the "sponge" is completely clean after rounds of cleaning. 

>>Swipe the following Instagram post to watch the video<<

The cake was only available for 3 days (31/3/23 - 2/4/23) but it has attracted a lot of people to come and try it.

If you have tried it, let us know how it feels.

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