These 6 Habits Are Reasons Why Your Mornings Are Ruined Everyday



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These 6 Habits Are Reasons Why Your Mornings Are Ruined Everyday

By ellephant

Whether we realize it or not, there are certain things which we would be better off not doing. 

For one, it is the 6 habits we unknowingly practice every morning, that technically end up ruining our days. We did some reading and found them, check below to see which ones you do, so that you can put an end to it. 

1. Checking social media  

Doing something like this which isn't as productive, actually makes you lose focus throughout the day. Instead, try reading, meditating, something which would enhance your mind, body and soul. 

2. Snoozing your alarm  

When you hit snooze, you lose. You made a promise to yourself to be up at a certain time, snoozing breaks that promise. It is giving up even before you start fighting. 

3. Unhealthy breakfasts or no breakfast at all  

Eating stuff which are sweet and unhealthy, would leave you feeling like shit. Instead, opt for breaky-s high in protein and fats to kickstart your day!

4. Complaining  

What you think, feel and say, is what influences your mood as well as energy throughout the day. Do not allow yourself to begin on a negative chord. Practice gratitude and push on. 

5. Checking the news  

As important as it is to be informed, it would also be best if you're not filling yourself with the problems of the world first thing in the morning. Maybe keep that for later in the day. 

6. Cleaning your workspace  

Cleaning is good, but in the morning? Not so much. You should begin the day on a clear path, with no distractions. Let things flow smoothly. 

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