WATCH: Popular Turkish Dessert Shop In Bukit Bintang Known For Making Customers Dance Gets Shut Down By DBKL



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WATCH: Popular Turkish Dessert Shop In Bukit Bintang Known For Making Customers Dance Gets Shut Down By DBKL

By JustineG

You've likely come across viral videos featuring people dancing on the streets of Bukit Bintang in exchange for complimentary desserts. That's correct –  the widely known Arabian dessert shop located near Lot 10 recently garnered substantial online attention. 

@zaitoun.malaysia Dance with zaitoun #fyp #dance #zaitounfood #bukitbintang #malaysia #dancewithzaitoun The Irishman - Paul Velchev

Unfortunately, this surge in popularity has been halted by the authorities. While the shop achieved significant traction on social media, it also faced considerable criticism, particularly due to its marketing tactic involving customers dancing to earn free desserts.

@zaitoun.malaysia Dance with zaitoun #fyp #bukitbintang #zaitounfood #malaysia #dancewithzaitoun #dance Kalau Lapar Makan Kalau Iri Bilang Bos - Aziz Alvano

Numerous netizens expressed dissatisfaction, particularly because they believed that women, especially those in hijabs, were dancing without reservation for free treats on the street. 

While some might speculate that this public outcry led to the shop's closure, the actual reason was the absence of a proper license. The shop was operating under a temporary entertainment license, and its staff consisted of foreigners lacking the required legal permits.

The closure of the dessert shop has been met with approval from many quarters, who now feel that no one should have to compromise their dignity by dancing for free goodies. 

However, some are left wondering how the shop managed to function without a valid permit, especially since authorities had inspected the shop during its initial opening. The shop has turned to TikTok to express gratitude to its customers for their support and looks forward to welcoming them to their next event soon.

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