Chicken Jumped On Car's Windshield, Stays Calm Even When Driver Turns On The Wipers



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Chicken Jumped On Car's Windshield, Stays Calm Even When Driver Turns On The Wipers

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

In an unexpected roadside scene, a chicken casually perched on a car's windshield, much to the surprise of the driver and the online audience. The incident, captured in a video shared by a user named "剑闏许" on Facebook, showcased a moment of hilarity as a Malaysian woman found herself at a standstill with a chicken occupying her car's windshield.

Amidst the laughter, the video captured the chicken's comical refusal to budge, even as the driver attempted to use the windshield wipers to shoo it away. Instead, the chicken clung to the wipers, demonstrating an unexpected determination to remain in its newfound perch.

Netizens couldn't resist chiming in with their amusement, flooding the comments section with playful suggestions, including jests about cooking the chicken for dinner. 

The incident, while unconventional, served as a moment of levity for many online observers, proving that sometimes, even the most ordinary moments on the road can take an unexpected and amusing turn.

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