Is This The Most Instagrammable Spot in Cyberjaya?



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Is This The Most Instagrammable Spot in Cyberjaya?

By xweienx

It's no surprise that one of the reasons people go for holidays is to get that perfect picture for the 'gram. However, with the ongoing pandemic, we have been denied travelling to all the countries we want to for more than a year. However, you should know that our beloved country is also full of hidden gems! Here's one of them!  

This location is Tamarind Square, located in the heart of Cyberjaya, Selangor. It is filled with gray, dull concrete buildings, but the addition of greenery has brought the place to life. It's a perfect blend of modern development and nature, and the perfect place for an Instagram snap!  

One of the popular spots for pictures are the concrete "frames" below. The frames form an illusion of a never-ending "corridor". You definitely can't go wrong with your pictures here!  

For some reason, stairs photography has picked up lately, and Tamarind Square has the perfect spot for that too! Industrial stairs fitted into a "built-in" border and you're only limited by your imagination. Remember: safety first!

Speaking of stairs, there are also "open" styled stairs. The multiple layers of stairs and creative railings means you don't need filters to look good!  

Besides fulfilling your Instagram needs, Tamarind Square also has a mini mall with some of your favorite shops. From restaurants and cafes, to grocery stores and bookshops, you can literally spend a day there.  

So, if you haven't updated your Instagram in a while, here's a good spot to start with. Still, remember to stay safe and take proper precautions while snapping your pictures!

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