M'sian Woman Drops 'Binti' From Daughter's Name At Government Office Without Hassle, But The Wait For MyKid Continues



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M'sian Woman Drops 'Binti' From Daughter's Name At Government Office Without Hassle, But The Wait For MyKid Continues

By JustineG

This Malaysian named Aysha Ridzuan took to Twitter to express her satisfaction with the birth registration process at UTC Keramat, which only took an hour to complete. 

Unlike her experience five years ago when registering her first daughter, there was no fuss about dropping the term "binti" from her daughter's name. 

However, she mentioned that she still has not received the MyKid identification card and was advised to reapply next year.


Many netizens questioned whether there was a need to take an oath or if it could be done directly at the counter to drop the term "binti." 

In the past, an oath was required for such changes. However, the process now involves placing the term "binti" in brackets on the form, alongside the name, and signing next to it. 

It is worth mentioning that this particular registration was done at the UTC Keramat branch, whereas the previous experience took place at the Jalan Duta branch.

Several individuals shared their own experiences about how difficult it is to obtain MyKid for their child, with one person revealing that they registered their baby in October of last year, but as of last week, the MyKid card was still not ready. 

When they contacted the relevant authority, they were informed that they had not yet processed half of the applications from 2021. 

Meanwhile, some commenters criticized the woman for dropping the term "binti," arguing that it is important to include it in the name to indicate the Malay ethnicity, as without it, it may not be immediately apparent unless supported by a birth certificate. 

They further expressed their disapproval, assuming that the omission of the term was due to having a non-Malay partner.

Surprisingly, amidst the discussions, it became evident that a significant number of individuals dislike the inclusion of "bin" or "binti" in their names. 

On the other hand, some participants shared their positive experiences, highlighting the advantages of having the term, especially "binti," which simplifies certain processes in adulthood, particularly marriage-related matters. 

They explained that without the term, one may face difficulties in appointing a wali (guardian) for marriage. 

Some individuals shared their personal stories of having to go through additional steps, such as finding a wali and going through a burdensome process due to the absence of their biological fathers. 

They suggested considering registering as "binti Abdullah" for those considering adoption, as it would greatly facilitate the lives of their future daughters.

The process of registering as "binti" requires a visit to the National Registration Department (JPN) and submitting the necessary documents. 

Subsequently, an oath must be taken at the court, followed by a return to JPN to present the letter of oath. The process results in a new identity card issued within three months, replacing the old one.

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