DJ Soda Disclosed That She Was R*ped By Robber When She Was 6 And Lied To Her Parents



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DJ Soda Disclosed That She Was R*ped By Robber When She Was 6 And Lied To Her Parents


Korean well-known disc jockey, DJ SODA, recently performed at a music festival in Japan. During her interaction with fans on stage, she was unexpectedly groped by a male audience member, leaving her shocked and frightened. The event organizers took the matter seriously and filed a lawsuit against the assailant, highlighting the gravity of this harassment incident.,q_auto/v1/mediacorp/8days/image/2023/08/16/uatwpwi1-k65s5ezaqgnjrchnddc6tb7i1cjvotxi74.jpeg?itok=vscUvEZF

However, this incident has sparked considerable controversy. Some individuals have even placed blame on DJ SODA herself, suggesting that her provocative attire invites such behaviour and that being touched is normal.

According to a report from "TVBS News," on August 21, 2023, DJ SODA shared her feelings on her Facebook page and revealed that she had been r*ped at the age of 6. She also disclosed that she has experienced multiple instances of sexual harassment throughout her career, but was unable to openly address these incidents until now. The revelation shocked many online users.

Born in 1988 (currently 35 years old), DJ SODA wrote in her post:

"When I was 6 years old, both of my parents were working and I was home alone and r*ped by a robber. At that time, I lied to my parents and said that I almost got robbed but I didn't open the door because I was afraid my parents would get hurt. "

Following her unfortunate childhood encounter, she also shared the times when she was sexually harassed throughout her career, including a VIP audience and fellow overseas DJs. And every time she wanted to speak out, she couldn't do so as someone else would stop her or morally blackmail her. 

She concluded by expressing her desire to no longer evade the issue: "Now I don't want to avoid or hide anymore. If we don't address it, others will inevitably become victims."

As unfortunate as her story is, her story serves as a strong message to the world, that any victim of sexual assault or harassment should stand up, because it is not the victim who is at fault, but the perpetrator.

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