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Best Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix That Are NOT For The Weak

A   |   Apr 1, 2021, 18:56   |   838

If you‘re a scaredy-cat, stop scrolling. 

These movies we’re about to list down could probably make you pee in your pants. Don‘t say we didn’t warn ya. 

1. His House

Fleeing from war-torn South Sudan, a young couple's hope of finding a new home in an English country vanishes when they slowly discover that they've escaped hell just to end up in another. 


source: IMDb

2. In The Tall Grass

If getting lost at a place you can't escape no matter where you turn is your brand of nightmare, then this movie will scare you real good. The psychological thrill at play throughout the whole movie might make this one's a bit emotionally unbearable to watch. 


source: Roger Ebert

3. The Witch 

Takes place in the 17th century, this tells a tale of a family,  each deep in their own sins; that eventually welcomes a dark, evil force and whenever there are otherworldly elements involved, hell is sure to break loose.  


source: Digital Spy

4. Haunted Latin America

Okay not a movie, but this deserves a spot on our list. This series collects true horror stories experienced by real people, and it's as haunting as it gets, folks. 


source: Decider

5. Aterrados

This is one of those movies that'll have you googling "Aterrados Reddit Explained" at the end of it because... well it's pretty mind-boggling, to put it simply. 

Aterrados, or terrified in Spanish, depicst a series of supernatural events occurring in a specific neighborhood in Buenos Aries. Let's just say, things get f---ed up pretty quickly in this movie.

source: Youtube


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