WATCH: PJ Stall Owner Criticised After Spitting On TikToker's Food After Bad Review



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WATCH: PJ Stall Owner Criticised After Spitting On TikToker's Food After Bad Review

2 Weeks ago
By GraceSundram

A popular TikTok food reviewer, known for his unbiased and transparent reviews, recently encountered a subtle threat from a food stall called Garden Western Grill in SS3, Kelana Jaya. Despite having reviewed numerous restaurants before, it seems this particular food stall couldn't handle receiving a low rating from the reviewer.

@syafiqrx90 Garden Western Grill in Petaling Jaya, Selangor - A case of quantity over quality #makanlokal #gardenwesterngrill Cupid Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) Sped Up Version - sped up 8282

In his initial food review video on May 14th, @syafiqrx90 mentioned how the owner of Garden Western Grill seemed to take the review to heart, despite its unbiased nature. The owner promised to treat them like any other customer and even offered a refund after they provided feedback and returned their food. However, the owner's response turned sour, as he resorted to posting sarcastic remarks, dismissing the reviewer's knowledge and opinions.

On the owner's Facebook page, a video was shared, mocking how food influencers typically review dishes. The owner hinted that reviewers should only provide shallow praise, saying, "yum, this is good, you must come try!" without going into a detailed analysis of taste and presentation. This led to netizens criticizing the owner, defending the reviewer's right to express opinions as paying customers and offering constructive feedback.

Some netizens familiar with the owner's behaviour exposed his pattern of mistreatment, not limited to influencers but extending to regular customers as well. They mentioned that locals in Kelana Jaya seldom visit the stall due to their dissatisfaction with both the food quality and the owner's attitude. Curiously, most customers who do visit the stall are from outside the area, drawn by seemingly positive reviews.

Critics pointed out that these influencers are often paid for their positive opinions, unable to voice personal viewpoints. They argued that many customers who blindly followed these reviews ended up disappointed with the food's quality and the pricing discrepancies. These claims were further supported by conflicting reviews found on platforms such as Google Reviews.

Adding fuel to the fire, the owner went on a posting spree on Facebook, mentioning famous TikToker @scaredtodie and challenging him to try his food. 

@syafiqrx90 Garden Western Grill : The Malaysian version of Kitchen Nightmares #makanlokal #gardenwesterngrill Cupid Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) Sped Up Version - sped up 8282

He also made a subtle admission that he included a "special ingredient" in Syafiq's food, leaving netizens to speculate that the term is understood by those working in the hotel industry as an unhygienic act performed by the kitchen staff, such as spitting in the customer's meal. Syafiq concluded his video with a 0/10 rating and stated that those who dare to upset the owner may also receive the "special ingredient."

The owner also claimed that nobody could do anything to him as the term 'special ingredient' can mean anything. That's pretty sus, to be honest. 

Syafiq warned other influencers reviewing the stall to carefully consider whether they want to promote such a place, emphasizing that the decision is ultimately theirs. This incident, though petty, has sparked a debate among netizens, each holding their own perspective on the matter.

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