WATCH: Thief Casually Opens Woman's Car Door, Steals Handbag & Drives Away In Sandakan



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WATCH: Thief Casually Opens Woman's Car Door, Steals Handbag & Drives Away In Sandakan

By JustineG

An elderly woman was robbed of her handbag at a parking lot in Sandakan when a man parked his car next to hers. The incident, captured by nearby CCTV cameras, quickly circulated on social media. According to the footage, believed to be from the morning of the 12th, the suspect's red car was parked next to the woman's vehicle. The man then exited his car, opened the woman's car door, snatched her handbag from the passenger seat, and swiftly fled the scene. Upon regaining her composure, the woman attempted to stop the culprit and shouted for help, but he sped away.

Reportedly, the suspect's vehicle was reported stolen. Sandakan District Police Chief Superintendent Ramasamy stated that the woman filed a police report around 8 a.m. on the day of the incident. "The police will investigate the case under Section 379 of the Penal Code (theft) and track down the perpetrator," he said. He also urged anyone with information to contact Investigating Officer Mosidi at 013-833 2996.

Source: Oriental Daily

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