WATCH: "Book" Your Nasi Lemak Order On TikTok & Collect Your Order Later



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WATCH: "Book" Your Nasi Lemak Order On TikTok & Collect Your Order Later

By Grace Sundram

You know how we've grown accustomed to making purchases via TikTok's livestream?

It's always been clothing, gadgets, wigs, and so on.

But did you know you can now "lock" in your nasi lemak orders for breakfast first and swing by to pick them up later on?

This nasi lemak vendor is well-known for selling his roadside nasi lemak in the best way possible, and people love it.

@hanaezydeals Lock kerang. Lock ayam. #nasilemaklock #nasilockmak #hanabreakfast #breakfastrm2 #fyp #kuantanpahang #pejuangsubuh original sound - Hana Breakfast

He seems to go live on TikTok every morning to take orders from customers. Hana's stall is located in Bukit Rangin, Kuantan, and the video shows him confirming people's orders including nasi lemak biasa, nasi lemak kerang, and more.

All you have to do is tell him what you want, and he'll prepare it and set it aside for you until you come to his stall to collect it and pay.

@hanaezydeals Hujan pun on! #nasilemaklock #nasilockmak #hanabreakfast #breakfastrm2 #fyp #kuantanpahang #pejuangsubuh original sound - Hana Breakfast

To be honest, this is rather advanced and quite intriguing.

We're curious if anyone in KL is interested in doing this.

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Grace Sundram

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