Record-Breaking Bid of RM250,000 for China's First 'Made In China' Durian



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Record-Breaking Bid of RM250,000 for China's First 'Made In China' Durian

By MJC97

China has officially joined the ranks of competitors in the king of fruits market, celebrating the successful cultivation of its first-ever durian harvest after a dedicated four-year endeavor. To mark this momentous occasion, a group of traders and farmers organized a special auction for the maiden batch of Chinese durians.

A TikTok video captured the excitement as a single durian, weighing 6.91 kilograms, hit the auction floor with an initial bid of 888 RMB (approximately RM560). The bidding frenzy quickly pushed the price to 100,000 RMB (approximately RM64,000) and then skyrocketed to 300,000 RMB (approximately RM191,000).

Astounded by the public's willingness to pay such exorbitant amounts for China's first-ever king of fruits, the organizers were taken aback as the final bid reached an astonishing 388,888 RMB (approximately RM250,000). With no one willing to outbid this remarkable sum, the durian was eventually sold at this extraordinary value.

The intense bidding process witnessed cheers from other bidders and onlookers as the buyer secured the highly-coveted durian at a premium price.

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