These Things That Cats Do Will Make You Go Aww



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These Things That Cats Do Will Make You Go Aww

By MJC97

While cats are completely unaware of how cute they are, we humans can't get enough of it. We love just observing them while smiling at how cute their tiny little actions are.

Some of the things they do are just normal cat stuff, like sleeping and yet we humans just can't help but go awww. 

Here's a compilation of those aww moments to cure all your Monday blues:

[1] The Belly Reveal


When your cat is casually lying down and suddenly it rolls on its back revealing that cute, fluffy and tempting little belly. 

OMG *heart eye emoji* You feel like you should bring your hand over and just give it a little belly rub. You will be bitten and slightly clawed but it is a sacrifice you have to make. Such cuteness deserves a little rub!  

[2] The Shy Shy Face Cover  

Okay, this isn’t intentional. It isn’t because they are trying to be cute. It is just one of their sleeping positions. 

How can something sleep so cutely? If you tell me your baby sleeps cutely, I will tell you, watch a cat sleep then get back to me, okay?

[3] Pounce Butt Wiggle


Right before you pet pounces to catch its ty or even sometimes to playfully attack your feet, it focuses of the target by widening its pupils, lowering its body, sometimes just the front part and the wiggling its butt. 

That butt wiggle is better that any Tiktoker twerking away on your screen. It is just such a funny position for such a serious act of catching a prey.  

[4] The Flash Mode

Have you ever been awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of your cat’s paws hitting the ground at an inhumanly possible speed? Yes, that is flash mode. 

Flash mode might have woken you up from a peaceful deep sleep, but you can’t help but aww at the sight of your little kitty speeding from room to room in your house.  

[5] Front Paw Hops

Okay, I don’t know if your cats do this but here’s how you can see it happen. Get you iPad, tab or phone and search for cat games on YouTube. 

Place you tab lying down on a flat surface and play the video in full screen. You cat will start interacting with the game by trying to catch whatever is on the screen. After a while, the front paw hopping will start. 


[6] The Blep

If you don’t now this then you are not a cat-owner! Sometimes your cat will glitch and a small portion of its tongue will stick out of its mouth. That is a blep. 

Look at these photos! If you don’t think it’s cute, then go get therapy child!  

[7] Paw Swat  

Sometimes when you cat sees a dangling string, like your shoelace or earphones, they think it is play time. The immediately go into play mode moving the paws towards the string and they start swatting. 

It is so adorable watching their cute little paws trashing in the air trying to get ahold of the string. 

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