Guests Need To Fork Out RM16k Just To Attend This British Model’s Lavish Wedding



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Guests Need To Fork Out RM16k Just To Attend This British Model’s Lavish Wedding


We know the doom of inflation is among us, but surely theres a better way to have a dream wedding without inconveniencing other parties? 

As part of her attempt to "save money" on her grand wedding ceremony, which already reached a budget of £40,000 (RM213,767.20), a bride-to-be announced she will charge each of her wedding guests £100 (RM534. 36) to attend the impending ceremony.  

The 40-year-old OnlyFans model Carla Bellucci and her 52-year-old fiancé Giovanni are set to tie their wedding knot soon, but she has made it crystal clear that her 30 guests won't be able to enter her wedding venue for free on her big day; instead, they'll each have to fork out quite a hefty fee for an event that would otherwise be free typically; in order to attend.  

With the wedding taking place in Cape Verde, Africa, in July of next year, each guest will also need to cover the cost of their travel and accommodation to Carla's destination wedding all on their own.  

Photo: Cape Verde, Africa

In total, her guests will need to prepare £3,000 just to be there, which, in her words, will ensure she can have "the best of everything" at her "dream" wedding without having to break the bank herself.

After being named Britain's Most Hated Woman in 2019 for admitting to faking sadness to get a £7,000 (RM37,413.27) rhinoplasty, the OnlyFans model from Hitchin, Hertfordshire quipped that she is now "getting the last laugh" once more.  

In an interview with The Sun, she declared: "I adore the fact that other people will be paying for my fantasy wedding. Getting what I want without spending a lot of my own money gives me the upper hand once more."

However, the model insisted that she isn't forcing her loved ones to come to the wedding out of necessity but emphasised that they will have to pay the £100 "fees" if they do.

Would you come to a wedding if they ask for a payment? Share with us your honest thoughts in the comment section!

British model OnlyFans Carla Belluci wedding charges guests


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