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How To Pay Your Summons Online & Tips on Getting Discounts

MJC97   |   Oct 27, 2021, 11:56   |   32

When it comes to summons, we Malaysians are no strangers to it. Considering how we always follow Malaysian timing which makes us always late, and, in a rush, we are very guilty of speeding, running red lights, not signalling when turning, and even parking illegally. 


If you haven’t got a summon from PDRM, then are you even really a Malaysian? It is like a rite of passage here. 

Since it such a normal thing, some people just put it at the back of their minds and not pay it until it’s time to renew their road tax. 

Well, just so you know, you should not do that, especially since it is so easy to pay your summons nowadays and since PDRM has some great discounts from time to time. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check and pay your summons online:

1. To check and pay your summons online, you have to download to MyBayar Saman App.

Download for Google Play Store 

Download for App Store 

Or if you have storage issues or commitment issues and can’t download the app on your phone, then you can just visit their website

2. Login to your account or register as a new user of you don’t have an account. 

3. After logging into your account, 

+ if you’re using the website, a list of you summons and the amount you have to pay will be displayed.


+ if you’re using the app on your phone, then your total summons and outstanding compounds will be displayed on the top of the page, to get the details about the summons, click on the Payment of Summons option. 


4. To pay your summons, select the ones you’d like to pay, and on the website click on PAY, on the app, click on CHECKOUT.

5. Then, the page will display the payment options. Click on the option you’d like to use and make your payment. 

6. Make sure you save your payment receipt as proof, just in case. 

And that’s it, you’ve paid your summons! 

But that’s not why you’re reading this article right? You’re here for the discounts. 

Ish, you made a mistake, now you face the consequences la, want to ask for discount some more! 


LOL! To get your discounts, you just have to follow Polis Diraja Malaysia and also Jabatan Siasatan Dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik PDRM on Facebook

They often have special discounts which will be announced on their Facebook pages. So, stay tuned and let’s keep our fingers crossed that there will be some kind of promotion soon! 

Or you know, follow the rules, that way you won't get summons, 100% discount! 


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