Korean Red Ginseng SHOULD be Part of Your Diet | 5 Reasons



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Korean Red Ginseng SHOULD be Part of Your Diet | 5 Reasons

By ellephant

Besides Korean food, Korean entertainment and Korean beauty care, another big aspect of life that South Koreans also seem to be getting right, is their overall health and appearance. 

With constant promoting, the one common denominator item we see most on TV, advertisements and online (with regards to vitality), is the Red Ginseng extract.


Known for it's multiple benefits, based on reports, in the year 2020, 200 million bags of the product, in Korea alone, was sold, specifically the Cheong Kwan Jang Red Ginseng. 

A herbal product which has been used since the dawn of time, ever wonder what goodness it brings? Here are 5 notable ones, we got curious about. 


1. Helps with fatigue

2. Heightens immunity levels

3. Helps blood circulation

4. Improves memory

5. Keeps one mentally alert


The list of benefits is but of course much longer and more detailed in nature. But these 5 do happen to be the biggest reasons to take in the traditional herb. 

Priced at about RM180 a box on Shopee, this may be our ticket to making 40 look like the new 20. 

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