Survey: The "Hottest" Questions Young Malaysians Just CANNOT STAND



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Survey: The "Hottest" Questions Young Malaysians Just CANNOT STAND

By ellephant

You ever go about your day, and then have a bunch of randos, or worse, people you actually know (but don't care for), incessantly annoy the f*ck out of you, with stupid questions, you just don't want to answer or acknowledge?

We've been there one too many times, so we went around asking a few Malaysians, what are some questions they constantly get asked as young adults, that they are just so done dealing with.  

Here were some of their truthful, funny but OMG SO RELATABLE, responses.


1. Did you gain weight?

2. You're Indian? How come so fair?

3. How old are you? You look so young!

4. You don't eat ah? Eat more, too skinny not nice. 

5. Why you so fat?  


1. Why always on phone?

2. What's your race/religion?

3. You don't have friends?

4. Why you always alone?

5. What you want to do?

6. Why your generation like that one? Before my time...

7. Why you so shy/quiet?

8. Do you have insurance? Are you planning on getting one?

9. What would people say/think?  


1. When getting married? Better get married soon, if not wanna get pregnant susah

2. When gonna settle down?

3. Why not married yet?

4. Baby when?

5. Don't have boyfriend/girlfriend ah?

6. Married already?

7. Why you single?

8. Are you still with that girl/guy I met last time?  


1. What's future plans?

2. How much you earn?

3. Why not get job in government sector?

4. Where you studied ah?

5. Still studying or working?

6. So, what work you do now?

7. Why not working at Singapore?

8. Not gonna sambung study?  

Day in and day out, we live with these irritating-none of your business-questions from strangers, and every day we are tired. 

So, just stop la okay. We also don't know, how to tell you?


Every young adult ever. 

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