Countries Malaysians Can Travel To Even With The Weak Ringgit



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Countries Malaysians Can Travel To Even With The Weak Ringgit

By MJC97

Barely a week ago, we Malaysians watched in horror as we saw our Ringgit value take a steep drop against the US dollar to 4.36 which BTW is the lowest it has been in 2 years. This is a huge disappointment for some of us since our country only just reopened its borders and we were finally able to travel. 

With the Malaysian Ringgit at an all-time low, many of us are rethinking our travel plans. Well, there's no need to cancel all travel plans, all you have to do is reroute them to these locations which are the top countries Malaysians can travel to even with the weak Ringgit:

# Bandung, Indonesia

You might be wondering, why Bandung and not Jakarta, well it is mainly because shopping here is quite affordable. This is common knowledge not only to people around the world but also to people from Jakarta who often travel there for a day of shopping! Besides the shopping, you can also enjoy the cool mountain air since the town is surrounded by mountains. So nature lovers are going to love exploring all the mountains and appreciating the view! 

Currency exchange: RM1 = Rp3,335.16

Average Inexpensive Meal Per Person: Rp20,000.00 = RM6.00  

# Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another mountainous spot located in the countryside, perfect for those who'd like to escape the busy city for a few days. For those who want a more cultural tour, there are a ton of temples in the town for you to visit! For nature lovers who love a little adventure, how about a short hike to one of the many waterfalls located in the area! This historical city also has a wide array of street food that you should definitely try, after all, what's a trip to Thailand without sampling some bamboo worms. 

Currency exchange: RM1 = ฿7.89

Average Inexpensive Meal Per Person: ฿45 = RM5.70  

# Hanoi, Vietnam

From charming lakes to classic pagodas and even buildings with French colonial architecture all around the city, Hanoi is definitely a place to go to, plus it is a short flight from KL! You don't even need a tour guide to explore the city, just walk down the roads but make sure you walk carefully since traffic there can be unpredictable, and you'll ve able to come across several colonial treasures. Also, there's nothing better than trying an authentic bowl of hot pho!

Currency exchange: RM1 = d5258.99

Average Inexpensive Meal Per Person: d50,000.00 = RM9.51  

# Budapest, Hungary

Dubbed one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is definitely a must-visit spot. While it is most famously known for its historical sites like the Chain Bridge, Budapest is also the Spa Capital of the World! That's right, it is the perfect place to go to for a relaxing holiday in the city known worldwide for its spas! Once you're relaxed to the max, it's time to also try their delectable local treats like a hot bowl of goulash that will make you never want to leave! 

Currency exchange: RM1 = Ft84.93

Average Inexpensive Meal Per Person: Ft2,200.00 = RM25.90  

# Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the largest cities in Poland and it is known for its grand historic architecture. The entire old town area is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Most of the historical sites like Old Town, Wawel Castle and Kazimierz are all located within walking distance of each other, so you don't even need a tour guide! You'll feel like you've been transported to a different time with its completely preserved medieval castle walls and cobbled streets. 

Currency exchange: RM1 = zł1.01

Average Inexpensive Meal Per Person: zł21= RM20.71  

#  Lima, Peru

While many are unaware of this, Lima is one of the top spots for foodies looking for a gastronomical experience! There's nothing better than trying ceviche from its country of origin. For dark tourism fans, you've got to visit the Peruvian catacombs a burial ground with around 25,000 bodies that were laid to rest in neat organized geometric patterns. It is also located just next to the sea, so you can end your trip with a relaxing beach day! 

Currency exchange: RM1 = S/. 0.86

Average Inexpensive Meal Per Person: S/. 16 = RM18.66  

Have you visited any of the locations above? Share your experience, travel tips and must-visit spots in the comments section!

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