Free iPhones + Shorter Hours + RM10/Hour - Kanna Curry House Is Desperate For Workers!



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Free iPhones + Shorter Hours + RM10/Hour - Kanna Curry House Is Desperate For Workers!

By MJC97

After almost all their foreign workers left leaving them shorthanded, Kanna Curry House has turned to some unusual method to try and attract local workers. 

Workers who have completed a minimum of six months at the job are entitled to receive a brand new iPhone SE. Besides that, new staff will also get an RM10 per hour salary as well as shorter working hours. \

In the interview, the Kanna Curry House manager Yoga Kannan explained that they are in desperate need of workers after 50 of their foreign staff were forced to return to their families back in their home countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Besides the shortage of staff, they are also looking for mainly local workers due to the higher costs of hiring foreign workers.  

"Not just that, the cost to hire foreign workers has skyrocketed as we need to pay for the airfare tickets which have gone up coupled with Covid-19 tests and other documentation fees," he said.

After noticing that many locals normally only stay for a short period of time from 2 weeks to a month only, they decided that more incentives need to be offered in order to not only attract locals but also to retain workers for longer periods.  

So, besides the free iPhones, they also shorten the working hours from 8am to 8pm to 9am to 5pm. There are also part-time spots from 11am till 3pm for six days a week.

As of now, 5 local workers who have completed their minimum 6 months of working have already received their iPhone. 

So what do you think? Would you take this job for the free iPhone, shorter working hours and RM10 per hour salary? I think I would! Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

Free iPhone RM10/Hour Kanna Curry House


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