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Attention Starbucks Fans! Get These Starbucks Themed Items on Shopee Now

MJC97   |   Jun 25, 2021, 11:54   |   181

From their frappuccinos to their macchiatos, Starbucks has never failed to satisfy our coffee and non-coffee cravings. We are willing to spend almost RM 30 or sometimes more just to enjoy slurping some delicious Starbucks Coffee. 

While we love Starbucks for their drinks, we also love their merchandise such as their thermos, mugs, coffee beans and so on. Well, in case you really want Starbucks merchandise, but you know, you don’t want to hurt your wallet that much, here are some Starbucks themed items that look just like they are actual Starbucks’ merchandise:

1. Leather Case Starbucks Tumbler

At only RM 58+ excluding shipping, you can get yourself a sleek looking Starbucks Tumbler with a special limited edition leather case in either black, brown or yellow. 


2. Starbucks Classic Ceramic Mug

With the current promotion, you can enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee in the beautiful classic looking Starbucks ceramic cup for only RM 36.50. The original price is RM 79.90 so hurry and get it while the promotion is still on!


3. Cherry Blossoms Edition Tumbler

Early this year Starbucks Japan released its Cherry Blossom Theme merchandise that made fans go crazy. While it was not available in Malaysia, you can now get it on this Shopee Store!


4. Portable double layer tote bag

Match this Starbucks tote bag with a cute OOTD when you’re going out to get yourself a nice cup of coffee. With the current promotion, you can get it for only RM 26+ on Shopee!


5. Starbucks x Shell Confetti Cold Cup

Perfect for when you’re ordering a pretty pink cold drink from Starbucks, this cup can now be purchased for only RM 27+ on Shopee! Hurry before the promotion ends!


6. Tabletop Mug

While the ceramic mug was going for a more classic look, this mug has a sleek matte finish that gives it a modern look. Currently priced at RM 39+, you can get it in either black, green or pink.


7. Starbucks Studded Tumblers

The studded Starbucks tumblers gives a normal cup some extra texture and depth making it look extra special. Enjoy your coffee with style!


8. Sakura Glass Cat Paw

Okay, you’re not a cat lover if you don’t have cat inspired items lying around your house. This Starbucks cat paw glass is honestly making me go all heart eye emoji. Imagine how loved your cat will feel watching you sipping some cold coffee in this adorable mug. 


9. Starbucks Color Changing Cold Cup

I won’t say much about this cup except that it is only RM 10! 


10. Starbucks Coffee Spoon Set

For this glossy modern looking must have Starbucks coffee spoons, you can get them individually at only RM 6+ per spoon or get all 4 and a gift bag at only RM 19+.Personally, I would get all four! 


Source: Twitter @tyraspberries


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