7 Year Old Child Was Kidnapped In Johor Right Outside Her Home, Found 6 Hours Later



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7 Year Old Child Was Kidnapped In Johor Right Outside Her Home, Found 6 Hours Later

By Ayunie

A 7-year-old girl was kidnapped right outside of her home at Taman Teratai, Iskandar Puteri after playing just 200 meters outside of her home entrance. 


One of the parents, Mohd Khairul Nizam Shafii, 34, explained that before the incident, his daughter told him that she wanted to come over to a friend's house located only 200 meters from their home at around 4.30 PM yesterday.


"However, at about 5 PM, my second daughter, Nur Rania Qaisarah, 5, came home crying, telling me that her sister had gotten into a car with driven by a stranger," he added. After searching for their missing daughter but to no avail, the couple decided to lodge a police report. 


Thankfully, Nur Damia Qaleesya was found six hours after the police report was made, by a good samaritan, Aliffi Abd Rahim, 28, who dropped her at a playground near her home at around 10:30 PM. Damia, however, was found wearing different clothes than what she had worn before the kidnapping. 


According to Aliffi, "I saw a little girl as I made my way to a restaurant. I took a closer look and she looked similar to the viral missing kid post I saw on social media. I approached her, and she said she was waiting for someone to buy her an ice cream. I persuaded her to come home with me."

He then handed Nur Damia over to the policemen who were patrolling around her residence. 

Johor Iskandar Puteri child kidnapping viral post Nur Damia Qaleesya


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