Spice Up Your Resume with These Words to Attract Potential Employers



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Spice Up Your Resume with These Words to Attract Potential Employers

By ellephant

Getting resumes prepped may be tedious, but they are a must. 

However, the problem is that most people rarely do it right. For instance, there are multiple of words one may use which could in turn attract potential employers. 

Do you think you use them, or have you actually been doing your resume right? 

Check out the 8 words you can use instead to spice up your resume. 


Have you been using,

1. Responsible for leading
2. Duties include
3. Started

Try instead, 

1. Directed
2. Managed
3. Spearheaded
4. Authored
5. Documented
6. Launched
7. Pioneered
8. Implemented 


Course these words must also be backed up with experience, skill, confidence and that wow factor most every employer searches for. 

Nevertheless, avoiding words of more passive nature, and instead insert that of which are active, more impactful, can provide a good first impression for sure. 

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