TNG eWallet Guide: Netizen Shares 1 Trick On How You Can Get Back Your Balance If You're Being Hacked



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TNG eWallet Guide: Netizen Shares 1 Trick On How You Can Get Back Your Balance If You're Being Hacked


Users losing their balance in the TnG eWallet app is an occurrence that happens rather frequently these days. Some even got terminated from their account for no reason. Despite having access to TNG's customer service to inquire about the situation in hope that we can get back our money, the customer service representatives are inefficient and incapable most of the time. 

A netizen recently shared his personal experience of losing his TNG eWallet balance and how he got his balance back on Facebook.

Like many others, Jeremy Pang has a habit of saving money in his TNG eWallet. One day, he found out that his balance turned zero. He tried to log in again thinking that it could be a technical issue, but he could not log in again after he logged out. The app says that his password is incorrect. He reset his password and tried to log in again but still fail. 

Immediately, he called the TNG customer service centre. The representative concurred that the money in his account was indeed taken away by hackers. Luckily, the netizen bought insurance on TNG before, and with that insurance, the stolen balance was successfully returned to him.

However, there are still many people who don't know about this insurance that only costs RM1 for 6 month protection period and it covers up to RM25k unauthorised transactions. 

Here's the steps to purchase the insurance:-

1. Open your TNG eWallet

2. Click on the "Tick" beside your balance amount

3. Click on "Protect Your Balance" and Upgrade it to WalletSafe

Once completed, the "Tick" beside your balance amount will turn green. 

Some may feel that they are wasting RM2 a year for something that might not even happen. But if that small amount of money can bring you a piece of mind, why not? 
Share it with your friends and remind them to protect themselves. 

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