WATCH: Tourist Puts "M'sian Hand" To The Test At A Busy Road, & We Approve!



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WATCH: Tourist Puts "M'sian Hand" To The Test At A Busy Road, & We Approve!

By DN21

What's the one thing Malaysians are truly good at doing? If the "hand gesture" comes to your mind, just know that you've earned the badge of honour! 

For us locals, this particular gesture is exceptionally applicable for many things- one of them often being utilised when crossing a BUSY road. 

As for TikToker @nicolecrewe, she's jumping in on the "norm" to test out its effectiveness. But did it work for her?  
You've guessed it: she safely crossed the road by only using the might of the hand.  
Amused netizens couldn't help but to comment on her witty video, with many giving her the seal of approval. 

Other meanwhile, pointed out that her hand should've been raised slightly higher. Some also claimed that the success was due to her "pretty privilege", and not all Malaysians can simply put up the hand without getting honked.

Watch her full video on TikTok.

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