M'sian Tries To Swap Bike For Used Car To Prep For First Child's Arrival, Receives Heartwarming Response



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M'sian Tries To Swap Bike For Used Car To Prep For First Child's Arrival, Receives Heartwarming Response

2 Weeks ago
By peachyunnie

All in hopes of receiving a car in exchange of his bike, with the birth of his first child nearing, this Malaysian father initially shared an ad on Facebook anonymously. 

And now... he may have just received the sweetest and most caring gift of the year!

The father first shared the post in a Facebook group called 'Swap Kereta Suka Sama Suka', saying that he does not have the finance to purchase a car so he does not care for whatever car he receives for his bike, so as long he is able to secure a car for when his first born child arrives.

In that same post, he also shares that his wife is due in November, which would be so soon for the family. 

"Ikut suka wife dia nak kereta macam mana, nanti dia pilih."

Given that the baby's due date was quickly approaching, the urgency of the man's request was evident. 

In a heartwarming turn of events, a kind person responded to the ad by offering his 2011 Inspira. 

Surprisingly, he declined to accept any further money, saying the car was a gift for the man's upcoming first child.

The man says that the car in the current market is worth about RM20K, however he does not need any additional payment from the father. 

Netizens were all so touched by the stranger's kind gesture, applauding him for his generosity and compassion. 

Malaysians are truly the kindest bunch, don't you think so?

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