"Err, Can You Give Me Back My Money?" M'sian Woman Forced To Return RM1k Birthday Ang Pao To Ex-Flame



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"Err, Can You Give Me Back My Money?" M'sian Woman Forced To Return RM1k Birthday Ang Pao To Ex-Flame

By sleepingbeauty

In a recent Facebook post, a Malaysian woman shared a surprising encounter where a past pursuer asked her to return an RM1,000 birthday angpao. Now, after three years, the pursuer claimed to have financial difficulties related to business cash flow and requested the money back.

The woman humorously recounted how the pursuer, who had failed to win her over in the past, reestablished contact to retrieve the RM1,000 angpao. She playfully remarked on the irony, stating that she had always intended to return the money but the pursuer insisted on giving it to her. The pursuer even involved the woman's friend to deliver messages.

In response, the woman sarcastically questioned the pursuer's request, highlighting the three-year gap and the sudden need for the money due to business cash flow issues. Not wanting to create any further complications, the woman promptly returned the full amount to the pursuer, labelling the transaction with the word "Cheap" for added emphasis. She advised the pursuer, with a hint of amusement, to think twice before retrieving gifts years later.

The woman concluded her post by reminding others interested in pursuing someone to consider the consequences of their actions. The viral post attracted widespread attention, with many netizens joining in to mock the "cheap" behaviour of the pursuer.

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